Trace Letter S for Special Handwriting

Tracing letter is the best way to learn write letter for the first time, especially for the kids. The kids just simply joint the dots and form a perfect letter. We have select special tracing letter for the kids.

As we know, performing letter S is as difficult as drawing double perfect half moon. So here, we have prepared some trace letter S. You can save and print it in large size. The picture has high quality and definition.


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For the kids who learn to write for the first time, it is better to use thick paper. Print the trace letter S more than one so that the kids do not afraid to make a mistake. It will also give the kids more practices. To make it more fun, the kids can write using color pen then just a pen or pencil.


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The trace letter S also have some picture begin with letter S. The picture present in a cute shapes. It can develop the kids memory about things began with specific letter. The kids will learn to understand the letters building.


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So simple, isn’t it? The kids’ handwriting will improve fast while doing the tracing activities. Praises the kids so that they have better handwriting.