Time Tables 1-12 Colorful as Learning Media for Children

A media is needed to help children’s study. Children usually tend to bore with lessons like science and mathematics and those lessons somehow are difficult to understand.

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To maximize the golden age of children, a lot of innovation and idea are came up to help solved the problem. One of them is the idea of making lesson being fun and interesting for children.

time tables 1-12 colorful

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Children usually hates mathematics because it is difficult to understand, for example an elementary student is difficult to memorize multiplication. To make it easier and fun, making time tables 1-12 colorful as media to learn is one of the alternative way. Parent who teach their children at home usually got the same problem to attract their children to learn multiple, this media is very suitable to be implemented.

time tables 1-12 for kids

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time tables 1-12 list

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To make time tables 1-12 colorful as learning media, the materials and tools are very simple. Parent and teacher who want to try making this media only needs some papers, pencil, crayon, color markers or color pencils and ruler. If you want to make it more simple, use the color papers so it does not need to be colored using color pencils, color makers or crayon. After preparing the materials and tools, draw the lines to make up multiplication tables on the paper using pen and ruler.

Write down multiplication number include the result on the tables using pencil orderly. Then repeat again until you make several 1-12 time tables. Coloring the papers using crayon, color markers or color pencils on the space room of paper. Use different color to make it more interesting. If you pick colored papers, just write down using color markers that contrast with basic color of the paper, so the number will be visible.

time tables 1-12 to learn

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Those are steps to make time tables 1-12 colorful as learning media. Here are some tips to make it more interesting. Ask your children or students to make it together, so they will be more trigger to learn because they make it by themselve! After the tables done, stick the papers on the wall or on their books, so they will read it everyday. Do not forget to ask them to learn it together.

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