Picture of the Number 6 for Kindergarten

Numbers and letters is the basic things should be learn by the kids early as possible. There are many numbers and letters that has similar look.

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The same looks will make the kids get confuse. Here, we are going to learn the number six which similar with the number nine. We have prepared different picture of the number 6 that you can use. Feel free to print it on the large size.


image via pinterest.com

Picture of the number 6 has high quality and definition which you can freely save and print. Some kids will not get confuse to recognize the number 6 with the number nine anymore.  You can print it in the large size and put it on the wall. As the kids pass by, they will memorize the number.


image via depositphotos.com


image via etsy.com


image via ezmediart.com

Now, when they have memorized the number six, you can give them a present. We have prepared picture of the number 6 which can be color by the kids. It has cute shape that sure be loved by the kids. Have fun while coloring the number.


image via dreamstime.com


image via pinterest.com


image via numberclipart.com

It is an easy way to make the kids memorize the numbers. Wait for us with some useful post. Have a nice day.

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