Picture of the Number 10 Cute

Ten out of ten is the perfect score. There are many ways to make the scoring unpredictable. In the kindergarten, they usually used stars. This is not really suitable for the students in the elementary school. While, if we just write the score using pen or colored pen, is not really fun and memorable for the kids.

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However, if we try to use colorful sticker, the score will appears clearly and it will be love by the kids. We have prepared picture of the number 10 in a different cute shapes. Try to use the numbers below for the scoring.

picture of the number 10 for kids

image via www.printablecolouringpages.co.uk

Picture of the number 10 already has high quality and definitions. The numbers can be saved and printed easily in a specific size by doing some right clicks. The numbers are also available in colorful. To make it easier to be used, you can print the pictures in a blank sticker.

picture of the number 10 card

image via www.pinstake.com

picture of the number 10 printable

image via www.funny-pictures.picphotos.net

picture of the number 10 red

image via www.alwaysinfo.co.uk

Picture of the number 10 can be used for all subjects. The score that use the number sticker will get the students attention. If they want to have the number sticker stick on their book, they have to study hard and get the perfect score.

picture of the number 10 page

image via www.fawns.co.uk

picture of the number 10 image

image via www.quazoo.com

Very cute, isn’t it? Get more cute ideas here. Just wait and see the next new post.

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