Picture of Jack and the Beanstalk for Fun Reading

An old English folklore Jack and the Beanstalk being the most favorite story all the time. The story firstly appeared in 1734 and start to be illustrated in 1918.  Because of its popularity, a lot of version are told from its original story. The version are told to fit the culture of each country which is the original story from English Folklore.

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The story is not only told by mouth-to-mouth but also printed into text book. Because the story is famous among the children, picture of Jack and the beanstalk is illustrated in the text book to produce more fascinating story.

pictures of jack and the beanstalk cartoon

image via www.drawntodraw.com

The story of Jack and the Beanstalk tell about a giddy and thoughtless but very kindhearted and affectionate boy who lived with his old mother. He got three magical bean seeds from the market and it sprung up into giant beanstalk. He climbed up the beanstalk and met with Giant and a hen which lay a golden egg. The giant chased Jack to eat him, but Jack succeed runaway with the hen from the giant. In the end of the story, Jack and his mother lived happily with selling the golden egg. The picture of Jack and the beanstalk to visualize this story mostly illustrate when Jack climbed up the giant beanstalk. This picture usually put on the book cover to represent the whole story.

pictures of jack and the beanstalk coloring

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pictures of jack and the beanstalk drawing

image via www.woollylifestock.blogspot.com

pictures of jack and the beanstalk illustration

image via www.ashleigh-animation.blogspot.com

The visualization of story is quite fascinating for young children who are about to start learning and reading. Good picture of Jack and the beanstalk for fun reading can contribute to the development of the child by stimulating their imagination. Children will understand the language and the message of the story better when there are pictures. The story will be more fascinating for the children with colorful and attractive illustration. For more attractive, the books can provide the space for children to color the picture from the story for more fun reading.  

pictures of jack and the beanstalk page

image via www.kairangarm1.wikispaces.com

pictures of jack and the beanstalk story

image via www.sebastianjaster.deviantart.com

Not only story on the text books, this method can be implemented on the blog or web page. The readers will be more enjoying the story if there is an illustration for the story, especially for folklore.

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