Odd and Even Number Worksheets for Practice

Odd and even number is one of basic knowledge in Mathematics. This lesson is taught in the primary school and aimed of this lesson is making the student be able to differentiate between odd number and even number group. This basic knowledge is very useful for the next step of Mathematics lesson. For example, to solve about primes question student have to understand which the odd and even number is. Many of Mathematics problem need the understanding of odd and even number. Odd and even number worksheets for practice is helping the student to differentiate of each group.

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Practice is needed for student to understand more. More practice that they have done, the deeper understanding they had. The practice can be done at school with the teacher or at home.

odd and even numbers worksheets activity

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Teacher can give odd and even number worksheets for practice at class. Worksheets type for practice can be diverse. Teacher can give a simple quiz like asking to write which one is even number or odd number. Another quiz can be modify by a story question so student will identify the number by reading a story question. To deeper the understanding of student, teacher may increase the difficulty level of the question. It is also better if give homework for them.

odd and even numbers worksheets for kids

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odd and even numbers worksheets easy

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odd and even numbers worksheets fun

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Studying mathematics sometimes is boring for student. To encourage the student for keeping practice, teacher can give attractive odd and even number worksheets. The question can be modify like a games to make it more fun. For example making chart challenge worksheet for practice. Another creative worksheet is asking the student to identify the even and odd number by coloring their choices. Teacher can make the student in a group to solve the games. Thus, they are not only understand the difference but also having interaction with their friends.

odd and even numbers worksheets page

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odd and even numbers worksheets practice

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odd and even numbers worksheets printable

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The teacher also can give a reward for the one who finish the games correctly. The reward is not merely giving them a gift, but simply by giving them an additional point. This method will encourage them to finish their work and force them to understand better.


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