Letter I Worksheets for Kindergarten

Enjoyable learning with the kids is easy right now. There are many sources with useful material which can make the teaching and learning more adorable. Here, we have prepared some materials for teach the letters especially the letter I.

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Letter I worksheets will help the kids to make their handwriting better. It is available on high quality and definition. Feel free to save and print it for your kids.

letter i worksheets fun

image via www.kidsunder7.com

The letter I is similar with the J but it is simpler. When the kids have mastered the letter J, they can easily make the letter I. Here are more letter I worksheets for your kids. You can print it in the large size and help the kids to do the job.

letter i worksheets printable

image via www.realisticcoloringpages.com

letter i worksheets coloring

image via www.kindergartenworksheets.net

While the kids do the letter I worksheets, they will also learn about the things which have begun with letter I. There are some picture fill in the space around the letter I. You can ask the name of the things so that the kids will be aware of the things begin with letter I.

letter i worksheets activity

image via www.kidsunder7.com

letter i worksheets for kids

image via www.daycareworksheets.com

letter i worksheets practice

image via www.kidsunder7.com

Cute, isn’t it? You can help the kids mastered the letter I easily. The cute I shape will be memorized by the kids. See you on the next post.

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