Make Horse Coloring Pages Look Realistic

Coloring can be relaxing to help adults reduce stress levels. Globally, in 143 countries, it is found that 35% of people are stressed. Somehow, a horse might be an interesting object to put color on. The horse coloring pages may relax your brain and once you finish, use it as a decoration.

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As adults, you might want your horse coloring pages to look real and realistic. Especially if you want your color page to be one of your house decorations. Also, you can frame and hang them in the living room or study room. But for some people who are not familiar with horse skin color, coloring horse pages in a natural way could be difficult.Horse Coloring Pages

The only way to make it look natural is by finding out what a real horse might look like. And then, you can mix your color pencil, crayon, or watercolor to make your color page wonderful. Below are some recommendations of horse color skin for your color page:

Horse Coloring Pages Color Choice

1. Black

This is the most common color for the horse. To make your horse look gallant and strong, black is the color you need. Let’s say you want to color a mustang, simply find a printable coloring page of the plain horse and put black color on it. On the forehead, you can add a white line as some mustangs have it.

Horse Coloring Pages

2. Chestnut

Along with black, chestnut is the next most common for a horse. Some horse experts also call it sorrel. Moreover, to make a chestnut color, you can mix brown and yellow to make your coloring page look natural. Chestnut also appears in deep liver color. On the other hand, a horse in chestnut color used to have a tinge of red in its coat.

3. Bay

Horses not only appear in black or chestnut although these are the most common. Somehow, bay horses are often misunderstood as black, where it is not. To make a bay horse, you can put black on manes, lower legs, and also a tail. And for the body, make the color of the shade of brown. It can be varied from deep brown to light red.

Horse Coloring Pages

Horse Coloring Pages

4. Gray

This color will make your color page look unique and natural as some horses appear in gray. Grey horses also have patterns like white dots. So, all you must do is put black first, and then cover it with white and grey. Use your creativity and imagination to make your gray horse look elegant and beautiful.

5. Dun

The coat color of a horse is unique as well as majestic. Dun horses commonly appear in light brown body color, dark brown or black color on their tail, ears, mane, legs, and also head. If you never see dun horses, you can look for an image of Highland Ponies, American Quarter Horses, and some Mustangs.

Horse Coloring Pages

Conclusion for Horse Coloring Pages

Those are 5 recommendations for the horse coloring pages. By adding natural color, you will get a beautiful realistic look of a horse. This activity is so much fun and relaxing. The horse itself is a beautiful animal. Looking and color them on a page will release you from stress and anxiety.

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