Hansel and Gretel Activities after Listen to the Story

Hansel and Gretel is a story about two brave siblings. It is a perfect story to share with the kids. You can tell about how brave they are and encourage them to be a brave kid as well.

After listening to the story, you have to ensure that they pay attention until the story end. Here, we have prepared Hansel and Gretel activities. You can freely save and print it.


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The Hansel and Gretel activities have good quality and definition. The kids will enjoy doing extra activities after listen to the story. You can ask then to examine the specific picture. Then they can retell a specific part of the story on their own based on the picture given below.


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They can also coloring picture for additional Hansel and Gretel Activities. The kids can take a break and do the coloring activities. The kids can explore their imagination about how the Hansel and Gretel look like. We can examine the kids understanding about the character in the story.


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It’s a good activity for the kids, right? Wait for other post and share many stories to the kids. See you on the next post.