1-100 Number Chart Printable

Have your kids properly able to count until a hundred? Do they can count it in correct order? Here, we have 1-100 number chart which can help the kids to learn counting numbers in fun ways.

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The charts already have high quality and definitions. You can save and print it in a large size. Check out the printable chart and feel free to print it as learning sources for your kids.


image via www.ingles360.net

The 1-100 number chart is available on cute shapes which will be loved by the kids. You can hang and stick it on the wall or the kids’ room. The kids will pass it every time and remember some numbers by heart. The cute shapes charts are eye-catching as well. It will help the kids to memorize it easily.


image via www.groundwork4teachers.wordpress.com


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image via www.bookcoverimgs.com

When the kids have memorized the 1-100 number chart, we have prepared how to write number pictures to help the kids on writing the numbers. Using the printable chart, the kids can follow the arrows and understand how the numbers written. Print it in a large size and make the kids learn on they own.


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Really simple, isn’t it? The kids can learn numbers while playing. Do not push the kids to learn. They can sick of it and do not want to learn anymore.

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